Abstracts of TSM 2011 Exhibitor's Talks

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TBMR for TSM – fast recovery direct from Tivoli Storage Manager backups

Petra Kuhnert, Cristie Software

Cristie Software provides fast automated recovery of Windows, Linux or Unix servers that have failed - either because of disaster, hardware failure or corruption of the operating system. TBMR allows TSM users to recover their servers direct from TSM without having to perform any additional backup of the operating system files.

TBMR also provides the ability to recover servers to dissimilar hardware, this includes virtual systems as VMware, Xen etc.

StrongBox – The future of long term data archiving

Hartmut Werre, Crossroads Europe GmbH

Archiving increasingly large amounts of data is becoming one of the dominant issues in today’s business environment. To cater with this growth, tape is gaining in importance as a medium for data archiving and is expected to continue to do so into the future.

The latest generation of tape drives coupled with tape library technology highlights where all of this will inevitably lead – the storage of enormous amounts of data on automated tape. Add to this a new technology like LTFS (Linear Tape File System for LTO-5 tapes) and a new era opens up in tape processing and storage.  

Crossroads has recognized this trend and aims to set new standards in long term archiving with its brand new archive solution, StrongBox.

So much can be revealed at this point:

  • The system is suitable for long term storage/archiving of data amounts up to 30 PB
  • The system combines the advantages of disk and tape
  • The system leverages LTFS technology
  • The system is energy-friendly

Deduplication: A new approach for TSM and Mainframe Backups

Alberto Chechi, EMC

With ever-growing volumes of data and strict service level agreements many IT organizations are faced with an imperative to redesign their backup infrastructure to one that is disk based, rather than continuing to pour money and resources into legacy tape-based systems.

Data deduplication is the enabling technology for next generation data protection solutions.

This presentation will show how Mainframe and TSM environments can benefit from this technology with EMC Data Domain solutions.

Efficient Data Management with ETERNUS DX

Gerd Skibbe, Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH

Backup and archiving with ETERNUS CS HE

  • „No more“ TSM Diskpools
  • „Waitiung for mountpoint“ – this error message belongs to the past  
  • Optimal media management
  • High availability

TSM, the Cloud and Everything - Scaling to Infinity

Frank Saarstedt, General Storage GbR

So now we have a DB2 Database and all will be fine, right? Well, possibly not. Meeting demands for traditional, centralized backup with a traditional, centralized backup solution sounds like a good idea – and we believe it probably is. But maybe this moment - between virtualization, cloud computing and whatever is next - is also the time to step back for a minute and rethink the way we use TSM.

Kostensenkung durch dynamische Datenspeicherung

Heinrich Niemann, Hitachi Data Systems

Der Vortrag zeigt technische und organisatorische Möglichkeiten zur Kostenreduzierung bei der Speicherung und Verwaltung von Unternehmensdaten auf. Betrachtet werden dabei nicht nur die reinen Beschaffungskosten, sondern auch die Infrastrukturkosten, die gesamten Betriebskosten sowie die Kosten für das Speichermanagement. Gezeigt wird die Entwicklung dieser Möglichkeiten sowohl im Rückblick auf die letzten Jahre als auch im Ausblick auf die nahe Zukunft.

IBM System Storage for Data Protection & Retention: Hardware or factor for success?

Barbara Lagemann, IBM Deutschland GmbH

A short overview on IBM System Storage product portfolio for Backup/Restore and Archive. IBM Hardware/Technology: Intelligent building blocks for adaptive solutions to meet the needs of business critical applications. Useful functions and distinguishing features providing more flexibility and security for your company: proven, economic and fit for your variably purpose.

IBM presents the following material on the symposium's USB card:

  • TSD03111 IBM Storwize V7000 Midrange-Plattensystem
  • TSD00872 IBM SystemStorage TS3500 Tape Library
  • TSD01449 IBM SystemStorage TS3310 Tape Library
  • TSD03107 TS7610ProtecTIER Deduplication Appliance Express
  • TSD03068 IBM SystemStorage TS7650 ProtecTIER Deduplication Appliance
  • TSD03127 IBM SystemStorage TS1140 Tape Drive
  • TSD03128 IBM Linear Tape FileSystem
  • TSD03001 IBM Virtualization Engine TS7700 Familie

Application Integration with IBM Tivoli

Clemens Kalbfuss, IBM Deutschland GmbH

An Overview of up-to-date Technologies and Developments of IBM

Oracle Tape Storage Portfolio

Michael Klatt, Oracle Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG

Oracle StorageTek Tape

  • Challenges
  • Strategy
  • Portfolio
  • Statement of direction

PLCS Software Products for TSM overview

Peter Pijpelink, P.L.C.S.

Reporter® for IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) keeps an eye on your TSM environment when you can't. Reporter provides (live) data gathering, and one button analysis, reporting and trending of your critical backup servers and clients.
Reporter's data collection process runs to capture data from your TSM servers and store it in its own database. Reporter uses the data to provide reports and alerts of your current server environment and to generate reports for problem analysis, trending, hardware utilization statistics, and configuration inconsistencies.

PLCS Process Manager for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) automatically detects all of your TSM servers and storage pools and, based on user-defined policies, automatically performs all of the daily chores.
One of the most obvious effects of a growing TSM environment is the increase in time it takes to manage all TSM servers. A lot of that time is spend on managing the daily housekeeping, making sure that everything has worked as expected. With Process Manager, you only need to investigate those events that have failed, allowing you to focus on those things that really matter.

Quantum enable TSM to deliver smarter and more efficient vm protection

Michael Krüger, Quantum GmbH


Simon Bes, Rocket Software

Rocket Servergraph is a proven leader in data protection management software, and has a strong track record of helping organizations manage their data protection processes, policies, costs and risks. Rocket Servergraph's backup monitoring and reporting products help organizations control costs and eliminate inefficiencies by aligning business priorities with IT capabilities.
SMART stands for Servergraph Monitoring, analyzing, Reporting Tool for Data management. The presentation is an overview of the major capabilities of Servergraph. The tool to real time monitor your Data Management environment. (It is not only for TSM). Based on the data Servergraph make analyses, which is created out the experience of many TSM users and experts. And last but not least, all these data is presented to you in any flavor of desired reports. Based on the request there is a total overview, from the client administration perspective, server administration perspective and infrastructure perspective.

BACKUP EAGLE® - Secure control and automated documentation of TSM environments while reducing costs

Peter Micke / Martin Schmitz, Schmitz RZ Consult GmbH

Control, verification and proof of all daily backups and documentation of the backup configurations are essential. Nevertheless, these tasks are often neglected. The reasons are firstly the high expenses and secondly, the type of work (routine tasks). BACKUP EAGLE®  reduces the daily effort to check all failed backups. BACKUP EAGLE® ensures easy control , secure verification and complete proof of backup operation. The configurations of TSM servers and TSM clients including all changes are automatically documented - no effort needed.

The main ideas, the concept and the implementation options of BACKUP EAGLE® will be explained within the presentation.

SEPATON and TSM, working well together

Jim Healy, SEPATON (USA)

SEPATON presents itself to  TSM just like a physical library would appear and because of that it is very simple to implement.
Along with the simplicity we couple raw speed and scalability to provide an unparallel solution to the problems that many TSM users face on a daily basis.

Power Administrator for TSM V3 new functions

Ralf Affeld, SYSM - Systemmanagement Service & Konzepte GmbH

Central management of TSM client log files without agent installation

The "Power Administrator for TSM" stands for Smart Administration & Management of complex TSM-Environments. The presentation gives an overview about the basic and new features of Version 3 of the "Power Administrator for TSM": Central Management of TSM client log files and local configuraton settings, SNMP-Trap-Support, Transparent & Intelligent "Monitoring Engine", new advanced reporting and statistics features including an improved "Operational Report", detailed performance reporting of TSM-Servers and -Clients and many functions more...

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