This is the Version 5.0 (13. Oktober 2011) of the program of the TSM-Symposium 2011.

Many speakers in partly parallel sessions will fill out a 3 day program offering recent insight on functionality, performance, usability and scalability as well as other aspects of the Tivoli Storage Manager.

Breaks and evening events compliment this by offering an ideal surrounding for informal discussions and collection of ideas.

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Registration Opens 12:00
Exhibition Open 13:30

Around the session break area there will be several small booths with companies showing their TSM-related products. We expect a good time for new contacts between arriving delegates and the exhibitors.

Coffee/Tea 15:30
Exhibitor Reception 18:00

accompanied by a Light Dinner Snack

Wednesday 28 September 2011

Registration Opens 08:00
Opening Session 09:00-10:30
Welcome (Claus Kalle, Peter Groth)
Opening keynote: TSM’s own issues and the cloud (Gerhard Schneider)
Coffee Break 10:30-11:00
Lunch 12:30-13:30
Session I-2 13:30-15:00
Chair: Remco Post
Exploring the TSM V6 Database: Everything You Need to Know (Matt Anglin)
Coffee Break 15:00-15:30
Reception 17:30
Evening Event 19:00

With the 'paddle steamer' on the river 'ELBE'

 19:00  walk from the Hotel to the ship ... 10 minutes

 19:15  Boarding

 19:30  Departure

    'Networking, Dinner and Drinks'

 22:30  Arrival

        Thursday 29 September 2011

        Coffee Break 10:30-11:00
        Session II-2 11:00-12:30
        Chair: Ulrich Schilling
        Deduplication Best Practices (Matt Anglin)
        Lunch 12:30-13:30
        Coffee Break 15:30-16:00
        Birds-Of-a-Feather Sessions 18:00-18:50
        BOF-1 BOF-2 BOF-3
        Chair: Ulrich Schilling Chair: Claus Kalle Chair: Kirsten Glöer
        Server-based Client Migration to another Server (Ulrich Schilling) 50 minutes for a BOF-Topic presentation and discussion, Candidates: GSE Arbeitskreis storage management (Gerd Becker), Reading TSM-Archive Tapes without TSM (Claus Kalle), ... Data Protection for remote and branch offices (Eran Raichstein, ...)
        Evening Event 19:15 - 22:15

        The Evening Event will be at the 'Gun-Powder Tower'

        very close to the Dresdner Frauenkirche.

        19:00 walk from the Hotel to Restaurant


                   Networking, having the 'Hangman-Meal' and traditional drinks


        22:15 coming back to the Hotel


        Friday 30 September 2011

        Coffee Break 10:45-11:15
        Session III-2 11:15-12:15
        Chair: Kirsten Glöer
        Preview of Future TSM Enhancements II (Dave Cannon)
        Closing Session 12:15-12:30
        Closing Remarks (Claus Kalle, Peter Groth)
        Light Lunch 12:30
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